Songs Demoing & source-code

The “source-code” here means source-code of each individual songs.
For project source-code, please visit github


Pachelbel’s Canon in D

English Songs

My Love 
The Sore Feet Song
Tik Tok
My Favorite Things

Japanese Songs


Chinese Songs


Usage of the visualizer (Meteor-web)

  1. Use the Meteor module in your Python code
  2. Use doc.mixDown(‘foo.wav’) to write the wav file
  3. Use doc.saveToFile(‘foo.meteor’) to dump the Meteor data
  4. Convert wav to mp3 using lame
  5. For deployment, please find the files in for your reference. Basically, you need to write a simple html file for each song, which works together with the .mp3 file, the .meteor file and the javascript: