Index of Technical Blogs

Adapting to Various UTAU Voicebanks

This article will explain how ScoreDraft (UtauDraft) adapts itself to different kinds of UTAU voicebanks after giving a general explanation of how the system works, also including things users should be aware of when using the system.

Doraemon Theme Song (An align&mix demo)

This is a demo showing how to use ScoreDraft’s dynamic tempo mapping function to align and mix generated content with imported content. In this case, we will generate the singing track using 三色あやか voicebank, then align and mix the generated track with an imported instrumental track.

Introducing SingingGadgets – ScoreDraft Refactored

A new project SingingGadgets is started to address some architectural weakness of ScoreDraft when you see it as a Python library. It can be seen as a refactor of ScoreDraft, because the new project has a lot of functional overlapping with ScoreDraft.
This article will explain briefly what are done in the refactor and why I did it, also giving an overview of the architecture of SingingGadgets.

SingingGadgets: How to Use

This blog will go into details about the usages of SingingGadgets.

The index is currently quite empty. But I’m planning to populate it soon with articles about:

  • Tricks of usage
  • Design details, technical background, algorithms used, etc.