SingingGadgets: How to Use

In the previous blog , I have briefly introduced the 2 different usages of the project SingingGadgets. You can either use the low-level “gadgets” provided by package SingingGadgets or use package ScoreDraft in a way very similar to using the project ScoreDraft. This blog will go into details about the 2 usages. For package SingingGadgets, we will go into details about the new […]

Introducing SingingGadgets – ScoreDraft Refactored

These days, I’ve been working on a new singing synthesis project, that is SingingGadgets: We can call it a refactor of ScoreDraft, because the new project has a lot of functional overlapping with ScoreDraft. The project SingingGadgets is started to address some architectural weakness of ScoreDraft when you see it as a Python library. This article will explain briefly […]

Deep Learning入门资料

这些教程是我们公司(NVIDIA)台湾那边的同事 Davis Li 等制作的,最初是内部学习资料,征得许可后得以对外公开。 对于Deep Learning 入门很实用的教程,非常推荐。 U 盘快速部署Deep Learning 想用NVIDIA GPU显卡加速跑Deep Learning编程? 之前觉得Deep Learning 离自己很遥远?现在有更快的方式带给大家, 只要3分钟操作+20分钟自动还原过程(无需在电脑旁等待,全自动过程): [重要] 图文操作请看操作手册 文件连结 🔗 链接: 密码:s3m9   还原+DEMO运行操作视频 🔗 链接: 密码:blid A. 先买一只64GB高速U盘, U盘的读写速度很关键, 以后所有的DL程序都要在这个U盘上进行, 推荐型号 “闪迪至尊超极速U盘64GB” 或者 “SanDisk Extreme Pro 64GB” B. 下载21GB U盘映像档案(.tib Acronis True Image映像档案) 下载链接: 密码:seft (下载下来的是RAR压缩文件,解压缩即可获得tib文件) 在windows电脑安装Acronis True Image 2018免费试用版 官网网址:   点击免费试用,然后下载对应操作系统的软件,我们使用此工具将image映像文档还原到高速U盘上 C. 主板BIOS设定: [注意] 关闭Security boost(安全启动)功能 (通常主板BIOS默认是启动, 需要改成关闭, […]

Doraemon Theme Song (An align&mix demo)

This is a demo showing how to use ScoreDraft’s dynamic tempo mapping function to align and mix generated content with imported content. In this case, we will generate the singing track using 三色あやか voicebank, then align and mix the generated track with an imported instrumental track. Doraemon Theme Song is one of the most famous anime songs authored by 菊池俊辅. Here is the […]

Adapting to Various UTAU Voicebanks

This article will explain how ScoreDraft (UtauDraft) adapts itself to different kinds of UTAU voicebanks after giving a general explanation of how the system works, also including things users should be aware of when using the system. Big Thanks to UTAU and all Voicebank Makers. First, I want to give big thanks to UTAU and voicebank makers who follow UTAU’s […]

My Love

Song title: My Love Originally sung by: Westlife Melody/Lyric by: Jörgen Elofsson,Per Magnusson,David Kreuger and Pelle Nylén Video published earlier on Bilibili: