About Author

Fei Yang


Currently GPU software engineer working for NVIDIA, Beijing office. Proudly to be a member of the team supporting Nintendo for their Switch Console.

Veteran of GPU programming for both graphics and general purpose .

Interested in music programming and music arranging/composing for years, but haven’t had enough time to learn these in depth. ScoreDraft is my first serious attempt to build a music software, although I also have some earlier projects related to multimedia, RaspMusicStation being one of them.

I have a doctoral degree in pattern recognition, but this site has nothing to do with that..

I’m not active on social networks, especially western ones, but you may still be able to find me at:




When leaving a message, please use Chinese or English. My Japanese is not good enough to make sense, sorry for that. But I have a true appreciation to the country where wonderful technologies like Vocaloid, UTAU are created and as the home of 二次元 culture in general.