Doraemon Theme Song (An align&mix demo)

This is a demo showing how to use ScoreDraft’s dynamic tempo mapping function to align and mix generated content with imported content. In this case, we will generate the singing track using 三色あやか voicebank, then align and mix the generated track with an imported instrumental track. Doraemon Theme Song is one of the most famous anime songs authored by 菊池俊辅. Here is the […]

Adapting to Various UTAU Voicebanks

This article will explain how ScoreDraft (UtauDraft) adapts itself to different kinds of UTAU voicebanks after giving a general explanation of how the system works, also including things users should be aware of when using the system. Big Thanks to UTAU and all Voicebank Makers. First, I want to give big thanks to UTAU and voicebank makers who follow UTAU’s […]

My Love

Song title: My Love Originally sung by: Westlife Melody/Lyric by: Jörgen Elofsson,Per Magnusson,David Kreuger and Pelle Nylén Video published earlier on Bilibili: