Welcome to ScoreDraft

import ScoreDraft
from ScoreDraft.Notes import *


seq = [ ('twIN', do(5,48), 'k@l', do(5,48), 'twIN', so(5,48), 'k@l', so(5,48), 'It',la(5,48), '@l',la(5,48), 'stAr',so(5,96))]

Teto = ScoreDraft.TetoEng_UTAU()

doc.sing(seq, Teto)

ScoreDraft is a simple music/singing synthesizer that provides a Python based score authoring interface.

Source-code of ScoreDraft is hosted on GitHub.
Introduction to how to use ScoreDraft is here.
Chinese introduction is here. (中文简介)


A refactored project named SingingGadgets is also available on GitHub
SingingGadgets exposed some low-level interfaces as Python APIs, which are not available in ScoreDraft.
SingingGadgets supports installation through pip:

pip3 install SingingGadgets

However, SingingGadgets does not have Qt based GUI modules.
Related blogs:
* About design considerations here
* About usage here

ScoreDraft Online

An online version of ScoreDraft is recently implemented: see ScoreDraft Online
ScoreDraft Online works by letting user to code in the browser using JavaScript. The code will be executed at client side to generate a json file which is then uploaded to server, and the music will be generated at server side then sent back to client side for play-back and visualization.

All samples and voicebanks are deployed on server side, user will see a list of available instruments/percussions/singers. Currently, user cannot extend them from client side.


For an index of Demos and their source-code: here
These Demos are powered by the web-version of Meteor visualizer to be more fun.

For an index of  technical blogs, see here

Simple Chinese TTS

As a byproduct, ScoreDraft can also be used to build a simple Chinese TTS. (Don’t take it too seriously. Currently, its prosody system is too naive for practical usage.) Its demo page is here(中文TTS测试页目前位置), which is currently written in Chinese.